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Heavy Metal MIDI by Author and Punisher


Tristan Shone A.K.A. Author and Punisher is a musician and mechanical engineer who makes heavy metal MIDI controllers, really heavy metal ! He has created a range of unique MIDI controllers he calls "dub machines" using his electronic and mechanical engineering expertise.  Tristan studied for a Master of Fine ...

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The Story of SMOMID


Nick Demopoulos started out as a jazz musician and played with legends like Chico Hamilton.  But then he began exploring the possibilities of using MIDI and that led him to a new path as a DIY maker and creator of some fascinating and unique MIDI devices.  HIs website (Smomid.com)  is named after the first instrument he ever built.&n...

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My Body is MIDI Controller by Daði Freyr


When we saw this YouTube video of Daði Freyr using the Genki wave MIDI controller, we knew we had to post it right away.  The Wave MIDI controller from Genki has been .... well making waves.   "Wave adds a new dimension to musical creativity... It's a cool tool for all creatives and I can definitely recommend adding it...

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Cabot- MIDI Cahon


At SXSW, we got a chance to check out the Cabor MIDI cahon.  Cabot is a project of UTSUWA, Inc., a Kyoto, Japan based tech start-up.  The Cabot percussion robot was conceived by Hideaki Iio, Director of the Cabot development team and guitar player/singer. "I wanted to create a product that would rev up my solo performance." &nbs...

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AIR DJ controls Music, Visuals, and Lights with Motion


Air DJ displays new MIDI Controller at SXSW There were some interesting new MIDI products introduced at SXSW.  One of them was the wireless BTLE MIDI controller for DMET Product Corporation.  It can control sound, DJ Video software, and lights. Of course, it is all done by mapping MIDI signals and in some cases translating them ...

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Genki Instruments Wave Controls Sounds with Motion


MIDI Bling with wireless rings There are a number of MIDI rings on the market. IK Multimedia makes one and so does Enhancia. Here are links to articles on those.  The Enhancia Ring MIDI Controller at CES 2018 -   For the past several years a MIDI product has always been in the Best of CES product list including the Roli Seaboard and the Z...

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Google Releases Song Maker with Web MIDI


Google Creative Lab, Use All Five, and Yotam Mann launched a new browser-based music sequencer called Song Maker.  It's a classic grid style sequencer and allows anyone to easily create simple grooves on the web.  You can even connect your MIDI keyboard or other controllers to input notes via Web MIDI.  When you're fin...

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Art+Logic Announces Launch of New Software Incubator Lab.


 Art+Logic Announces Launch of New Software Incubator Lab. Software innovation company will design and develop a working prototype of selected music technology or pro-audio app. Pasadena, CA: January 24, 2018, Art+Logic, a premier software innovation firm in the United States, announces the launch of a new software incubator called Art+Logic L...

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Top Ten MIDI Products of Winter NAMM 2018


Best New MIDI Products of Winter NAMM 2018   The Washington Post coverage of NAMM was all about MIDI controllers (you can skip the ad after 15 seconds) Here is The MIDI Association's list of must-see MIDI products at Winter NAMM 2018. MINDMusic Labs Elk-THE MUSIC OPERATING SYSTEM and Sensus, the world first real smartguitar. Boo...

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Sensel Morph at CES 2018


Sensel was at CES 2018 and we were excited to get a chance to play with the Sensel Morph and check out its capabilities.  Here is a brief overview of what the Sensel Morph does.  Digital artists rely on more than just one tool to tell their story. Until now, almost all those tools are bulky, take a lot of power, and don't capture the full...

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