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The Enhancia Ring MIDI Controller at CES 2018

The Enhancia Ring MIDI Controller at CES 2018

For the past several years a MIDI product has always been in the Best of CES product list including the Roli Seaboard and the Zivix JamStick.  It seems that MIDI and innovation naturally go together.  2018 was no exception with a number of unique new controllers introduced at the CES show.  The Enhancia Ring MIDI Controller 1 The Enh...

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MIDI Rocks the Park at the CES 2018 Intel® Pre-Show


MIDI (the Musical Instrument Digital Interface) was an integral part of the Intel CES 2018 Keynote "Rock The Park" pre-show entertainment. The pre-show started with the world's first Data only band, Algorithm and Blues. Want to guess what kind of data it was?  MIDI, of course !  Using Intel's Intel® RealSense™ Technology, a band perf...

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New MIDI Products at CES 2018


CES 2018 hasn't even started and there is already buzz around some new MIDI products. For the past several years a MIDI product has always been in the Best of CES product list including the Roli Seaboard and the Zivix JamStick.  It seems that MIDI and innovation natrually go together.  The Enhancia Ring MIDI Controller 1 The Enhancia...

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Herrmutt Lobby


​We got several entrees for suggested content from the December 2017 MIDI Association newsletter.  One was for an article on CTRLCap from Edwin Joassart. We did a little more research and decided to do an article not just on CNTRLCap, but on the developers behind it -Herrmutt Lobby.  Herrmutt Lobby has created not just...

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Meet You At NAMM - Face to Face or Virtually on Horn®


The MIDI Association Face to Face Meet Up-MMA booth (Hall B, #9701) at 5:45 PM on Saturday, January 27​   We'd like to invite all our MIDI friends to meet up at the NAMM show. Just come to the MMA booth (Hall B, #9701) at 5:45 PM on Saturday, January 27.  We'll be there and we'd like to get a picture of all the MIDI Associa...

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Special NAMM Show Attendance Offer for MIDI Association Members


Attend the NAMM Show at a special discounted price for MIDI Association Members! The NAMM Show is open to professionals that manufacture, distribute, or utilize music, sound and event technology products and services.   Normally you have to be a NAMM Member (or a guest of one) to attend the NAMM Show, but we've made arrangements for up to...

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Audiopedia 109 MIDI from Ask Audio


AudioPedia 109: MIDI Ask Audio's AudioPedia series is a comprehensive video dictionary of audio terminology. Created by audio expert Joe Albano, this encyclopedia of technical terms is the ultimate audio reference tool. Here are the topics covered and defined in the ninth installment of this authoritative series:MIDI: MIDI | Musical Instrument Digi...

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MIDI Capability Inquiry Presentation at ADC


New MIDI Possibilities Outlined at ADC 2017 At the Audio Developers Conference in London, Ben Supper from Roli outlined a new MIDI proposal called MIDI Capability Inquiry ( MIDI-CI) which outlines a path to future expansions of MIDI.   Almost exactly a year ago AMEI (the Association of Music Electronic Industries and the Japanese MIDI sta...

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We collected up links to the top MIDI educational resources from around the web. Links are embedded in the logos, the pictures and the text in blue. Clicking on a link in a picture takes you to directly to what is pictured.  ​​​​​​Link to Berklee Online Berklee Online is the online extension school of Berklee College of Music, delivering ...

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Here are links to some of the best MIDI film scoring resources. Any text in blue is a link.  Of course, we have some great resources right on our site from Nonlinear Educating. Peter Schwartz has put together not only the core DeMystifying MIDI course, but advanced video courses in MIDI Orchestration. The MIDI Orchestra Music These courses are...

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