CME introduces hybrid MIDI Thru box with built-in Bluetooth MIDI

slides-square-1 CME WIDI Thru6 BT - 2-in-6-out MIDI Thru/Split with Bluetooth MIDI

CME Pro, the small-scale innovator and contributing board member of the MIDI Association, is pleased to announce the world's first hybrid MIDI-thru-box with premium Bluetooth MIDI. Following the successful launch of its WIDI technology, CME is taking the next step with the introduction of WIDI Thru6 BT as the latest addition to the WIDI family. WID...

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CME introduces WIDI Core / WIDI CoreX


The source of CME's WIDI Wireless MIDI technology available for MIDI developers WIDI Core is your smart (BLE) breakout board that implements premium MIDI over Bluetooth Low Energy functionality as designed & developed by CME.  What can you do with WIDI Core (X)?  The breakout board can be built into any existing piece of MIDI equipmen...

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