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Blokas Midihub Standalone MIDI Processor & Router

midihub-top-dark Blokas Midihub

MMA Member Blokas releases a USB to MIDI router with built-in MIDI processing 

Midihub has 4 MIDI DIN inputs, 4 MIDI DIN output ports and a USB port for power supply and/or communicating with the PC and its software. Using the dedicated 
Midihub Editor lets you customize Midihub's processing as well as setup and store detailed MIDI routing between all the connected devices.

Here is some of what can you do with the processing inside of the Midihub. 

Midihub Editor 

You can download the Midihub editor and look at all the possibilities on the Blokas website.  Here what you can put together, but of course the effects don't work until you have connected the Midihub.  One of the very cool things about the MIDIhub is that once the effects have been programmed and stored into one of the eight selectable Presets in the box, you can just take the MIDIhub to your gig without the need for a computer.  It's like a programmable MIDI effects pedal. 

Midihub Youtube videos 

Here are two Youtube videos.  One from Blokas is an overview of the Midihub and the other is from Loopop and shows how you can use the Midihub to emulate some of the ideas that Olafur Arnalds has developed in his work. 

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