MIDI In Music Education Webinar- Saturday, May 13

Hosted by MIDI In Music Education Working Group Chair, Lee Whitmore, VP of Education for Focusrite, the webinar featured virtual tours of several MIDI In Music Education institutions including Belmont University, Columbia University, Full Sail University and Riverside City College. The MIDI In Music Education Special Interest Group (SIG) formed in ...

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MIDI Association Announces MIDI in Music Education Special Interest Group


The MIDI in Music Education (MiME) Special Interest Group has a goal to define a MIDI Certification Program During 2021, Athan Billias (MIDI Association President), Denis Labrecque (former MIDI Association Exec Board member) , and Lee Whitmore (MIDI Association Board Member and Treasurer)  initiated biweekly meetings of the MIDI...

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Audio Assemble-Video Tutorials, Product Reviews, & Pro Tools


There are lots of websites that offer information on DAWs and music production.  Audio Assemble takes a unique approach by offering articles, videos, reviews, interviews and information on schools that offer degrees in music and music production.  The database they have put together about music schools is impressive and they also hav...

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Skwitch: Connect to your iPhone and start making music


Skwitch: It's an iPhone accessory David Skulina from Edinburgh, United Kingdom founded Skoogmusic  and in 2015 ran a successful funding campaign on Indiegogo and released it's first original tactile music interface, Skoog. Skwitch is Skoogmusic's newest offering and it is has a unique approach. It clips on yo...

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The Bob Moog Foundation honors synth innovator


As kids, we grew up knowing that our father had done something remarkable, but it was rarely talked about in the house. Dad didn't talk about work much… at home he just wanted to be Dad. So, it was through thousands of testimonials that were sent to my family during his illness and passing that I came to learn for the first time, at 37 years old, t...

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Melodics- Using MIDI to Learn Music


Melodics is modern learning for modern instruments Melodics is modern learning for modern instruments, supporting MIDI Keyboards, Pad Controllers, and electronic drum kits. It's structured learning for solid progress. Melodics takes the "but where do I start?" out of learning music. Start with a genre you love, or a technique you want to ...

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Synthesis Fundamentals from the Bob Moog Foundation, Ableton's Learning Synths, and Chrome Music Lab


The Bob Moog Foundation and the MIDI Association The Bob Moog Foundation and the MIDI Association have had a close working relationship for many years.  When we talked to Michelle Moog-Koussa, she graciously agreed to provide some materials on synthesizers for the May Is MIDI Month 2020 promotion.   The ...

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Bandlab Breaks the Music Education MIDI Sound Barrier


Once upon a time, school students had to know how to play an instrument to make music or know enough theory to compose a song. We all gathered in the music room or auditorium of our brick-and mortar high schools to learn music and perform it. The music education world has seen many changes since then; and recently all education has been drastically...

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