Creative MIDI in Max and Max For Live – 4-part live series

Level: Intermediate

Learn to build your own MIDI note step sequencers, use random number generators to drive MIDI systems, build a MIDI Looper device, map hardware controllers to parameters via MIDI and develop a MIDI CC sequencer for creative applications. This workshop aims to provide you with suitable skills to explore the creative possibilities of MIDI in the Max MSP and Max For Live environment.

Time 6th May 2021


In this series of 4 workshops, you will learn to master MIDI in your production environment and use MIDI creatively to generate music patterns. 

6th May, 6pm UK / 10am LA / 1pm NYC
Build MIDI note step sequencers
13th May, 6pm UK / 10am LA / 1pm NYC
Utilise random number generators for creative MIDI applications
20th May, 6pm UK / 10am LA / 1pm NYC
Construct a MIDI looping device and assign MIDI hardware controllers to parameters
27th May, 6pm UK / 10am LA / 1pm NYC
Develop MIDI control change message sequencers for creative automation

Workshop leader

Johan Englund, UK

Johan Englund is a music producer based in St Leonards East Sussex and an educator for Tileyard Education (London) and Bimm (London). He has been engaged as a professional in the music industry since the early 1999

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