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"Let's" Makes You Want to Play Music with Art

"Let's" Makes You Want to Play Music with Art

LET'S is a team of Seattle multi media artists (Andy Arkley, Courtney Barnebey and Peter Lynch) who create interactive sculptures that combine art and sound using MIDI. 

In their latest installation , We, now on at MadArt gallery in Seattle, the LET's team uses DIY controllers and an in-depth knowledge of MIDI to allow up to 12 people to easily collaborate (even without any musical background) to create music and art. 

A similar installation FINGER POWER! was created for the Seattle Bumbershoot 2014 

Lynch sets up Ableton such that it sends MIDI notes to the VJ software Resolume, which controls the projected video elements. Ableton also sends MIDI notes to DMX, a piece of software that triggers the sculptures light bulbs.

Apr 16 2017, 4:55am

SWEEP was another immersive interactive installation of sound and over 250 small scale light sculptures that were synchronized with MIDI developed by Lets for Gallery4Culture in 2015.

Another interesting project done by Lets is Library Science which recorded three albums between three albums:

High Life Honey (2004)
The Chancellor (2007)
Dolphin (2009)

They even included a video on the process of creating Library Science music. Add Echo!

For more information on Lets, check out their website below. .


Let's Presents

LET'S is a collective of Seattle artists consisting of Courtney Barnebey, Peter Lynch, and Andy Arkley.
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