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MIDI 2 0 for Developers YouTube Video


Check out the MIDI 2.0 webinar for developers from May Is MIDI Month 2020

00:00:00 Athan Billias, Welcome to the Webinar 

00:01:43 Rick Cohen,How MIDI Standards are Developed 

00:05:30 Mike Kent, MIDI 2.0 Overview 

00:31:03 Pete Brown, MIDI 2.0 and Microsoft 

00:37:35 Brett Porter, About MDI 2.0 Scope 

00:44:03 Andrew Mee, About MIDI 2.0 Workbench and Property Exchange

00:51:48 Wrap Up, Questions and Answers

01:14:00 Contact Information 

Due to some quality issues with some of the video feeds, this is an Audio Podcast. 

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