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MIDI Association Member Muse Group Acquires Audacity


Within days of announcing their new group brand name, Muse Group (a music company focused on open source software) acquired Audacity. 

Audacity will add to Muse Group's other brands that are all base open source standards. 

Martin Keary who previously worked at MIDI Association member Microsoft talks about joining Audacity.

"Audacity has just joined Muse Group, a collection of brands that includes another popular open-source music app called MuseScore, which I'm currently in charge of.

"And since things are going rather well at MuseScore, I was asked to step up and also manage Audacity in partnership with its open-source community.

"And just like we're doing at MuseScore, we're now planning on significantly improving the feature set and ease of use of Audacity - providing dedicated designers and developers to give it the attention it deserves - while keeping it free and open-source."

by Martin Keary, aka Tantacrul

Audacity and MuseScore are Free and Open source so how do they make money?

When you have 100s of millions of users, they are plenty of ways to monetize your platforms without directly charging end users and this company has been doing it successfully for 25 years, 

For a more in depth article, try reading Peter Kirn from Create Digital Music's take on the acquisition. 

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