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MIDI Innovation Webinar May 29, 2021


Innovation: AI, AR and Gamification in Music Apps 

 We hosted our final May Is MIDI Month 2021 webinar on May 29 with a focus on Innovation.  

There were four presenters covering different aspects of innovation around Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning and Gamification

A3E Deep Dive™: AI & Artificial Creativity

Paul Sitar, President- A3E: The Future of Music + Entertainment Technology™

Paul Sitar explained the A3E Deep Dive into AI and Artificial Creativity. 

They have assembled a group of AI & Artificial Creativity Think Tank Luminaries to help to do in depth research on these topics.  

Here is the list of people currently involved. 

1. Jack Joseph Puig (Multiple GRAMMY Award-Winning Producer/Engineer & Vice President Creative Innovation Waves Consumer)

2. Drew Silverstein (CEO/Co-Founder of Amper/Shutterstock)

3. Maya Ackerman (CEO/Co-founder WaveAI | Professor of AI | Woman of Influence 2020)

4. Daniel Rowland (Oscar-winning, Grammy-nom Engineer/Producer & Head of Strategy & Partnerships at LANDR Audio

5. Kevin Doucette (Composer, Inventor, Engineer and Technology Futurist, Intel Corporation collaborator)

6. Tom Austin (CEO – The Analyst Syndicate)

7. Marc-Jean Jot (VP of Research, Chief Scientist at iZotope)

They have also launched a broader survey on AI and Artificial Creativity.  

You can take the survey until June 7, 2021 at the link below. 

Taking the survey will also make sure you receive a copy of the survey results. 

AR Pianist combines MIDI and AI to create virtual piano performances in your home

Craig Knudsen- Yamaha Consultant/Production Manager for the Piano Guys
Fayez Salka, M.D Medical Doctor, Musician, Software Developer and 3D Artist
Jon Schmidt of the Piano Guys poses next to his AR Pianist avatar at the Apple Store

Craig Knudsen, Yamaha Consultant and Production Manager for The Piano Guys and Fayez Salka, M.D Medical Doctor, Musician, Software Developer and 3D Artist discussed VR Pianist. 

The full article on VR Pianist can be found at the link below. 

Voice-to-MIDI: A More Intuitive Way to Interact with Music

Chris Samuels, CEO of Bace Technologies

Chris Samuels from Bace Technology discussed his use of AI and neural networks in designing his new Voice to MIDI technology. 

The full MIDI.org article on Bace can be found at the link below. 


Voice-to-MIDI: A More Intuitive Way to Interact with Music -  

Three years ago, while on tour with my band, Ritual Howls, I encountered a problem. After five grueling hours of sitting in a van on our way to the next gig, I had an idea for a drum beat but no way to capture

Aviv Ben Yehuda -CEO of Big Ear Games

Aviv Ben Yehuda -CEO of Big Ear Games explained how gamification can be used to create more music makers.  Big Ear Games is affiliated with the Lang Lang Institute which is supported by MIDI Association member, Steinway and Big Ear Games uses MIDI Association member Native Instruments technology inside of their game for sounds. Big Ear just announced MIDI support in the app. 

Big Ear Games | Play With Music

Join Solo, our wannabe musician, to demystify the mystery of how music works and level up your inner musician. Play music puzzles, collect instruments and make music.

Presentation Slides Used In The Webinar 

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