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Moonwerk-#DigMyRig Top Ten

Moonwerk-#DigMyRig Top Ten

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Moonwerk Labs Space Station

Gear List

Moonwerk Labs Space Station was created 5 years ago by two aspiring musicians with a passion for Electronic music. We implement the use of MIDI with the help of MOTU's MIDI Express 8x8 units. Dane Blaesing (the other 1/2 of moonwerk) is the mastermind behind the visual design of the studio, using LEDs to showcase EVERYTHING. 

The MIDI Association Artist Interview

Moonwerk consists of two people; Dane Blaesing and Zac Pescetto. We started our studio around six years ago, slowly accumulating gear as time went by. We were introduced to MIDI right from the start when Dane purchased a Dave Smith Mopho. Fast forward; we are now using two MOTU MIDI Express' to control everything in our studio. There are sixteen synths we have full control over through MIDI. From triggering notes, to controlling all parameters with cc messages and automation in Ableton Live. We also have a road setup to implement MIDI on the go, which includes a Motu Micro Lite and numerous portable synth modules. We hand-solder all of our audio cables routed to our MIDI and outboard gear. In addition, we've built our Black Lion summing mixers and make all of our own repairs/upgrades/modifications to our gear. Moonwerk does everything in house, from sound design to mixing & mastering, photography & graphics, lighting, and even hand building our gear stands and modular synth cases.

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