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MOTU Releases Performer 11 with major new MIDI features


Mark of the Unicorn's newest version of Performer adds MPE support, Articulation Maps, and Per Note Controls

It seems like MOTU has been paying close attention to developments in the MIDI Association around MIDI 2.0.  Their newest version of Performer adds a ton of new MIDI features. 

MPE and Per Note CC Support 

First, Performer joins other MIDI Association DAW companies including Ableton, Bitwig, Steinberg, and Logic in adding MPE support.

Performer 11 makes editing of individual notes and Per Note CC messages in an MPE track easy

MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) is here!

In DP 11, you can record multi-channel output from an MPE controller — such as a Roli™ Seaboard™ — as regular MIDI notes containing MPE expression data.

Instead of note and controller data splayed across dozens of tracks, you see a single stream of normal MIDI notes that each contain their own note-specific controllers, for easy and intuitive editing.

Hide and show the contained per-note controller and pitch-change events in DP's familiar piano roll. Zoom in the note grid for finer detail. Zoom per-note data independently of the notes that contain them.

A number of MOTU plugins support MPE out of the box

Multi Channel MIDI Tracks

The addition of Multi-Channel MIDI tracks, which can each contain multiple channels allows multi channel plugins like those often used for guitar controllers to record everything to a single track.

Articulation Maps

A major new feature is the addition of Articulation Maps so you can take full control over advanced orchestral sound libraries, from VSL™ to EastWest™ to Spitfire™ to Cinesamples™.  You can create or import articulation maps to build dynamic instruments and ensembles. The MIDI Association has been working on an Orchestral Articulation Profile for the past year and half which we hope will eventually standardize articulations across many different libraries. 

Articulation Maps let you control the different articulations in many Orchestral sound libraries

Articulations in QuickScribe 

Articulations can also be added and edited using QuickScribe, MOTU's built-in notation software. 

Embellish your masterpiece with articulations, trills, tremolos, bowings and alternate noteheads, all connected to your
orchestra library sounds. What you see is what you hear.


Mark Of the Unicorn (MOTU) has been a MIDI Association member since 1991 

2021 marks the 30th anniversary of MOTU's MIDI Association membership and it seems one way they celebrated was by adding a ton of great new MIDI features to their flagship DAW product- Performer 11. 


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