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Music China 2021 and the Chinese Musical Instrument Association launch new MIDI Initiatives


This is a translation of an article on the Chinese Musical Instrument Association's website.  The original article is linked below.
Music China is now scheduled for  January 14-17, 2022

 Creating an interconnected space for music technology and leading the cross-border integration of the musical instrument industry 

Under the background of the Internet+ era, science and technology link everything to form a world of "Internet of Everything", and the global epidemic in 2020 highlights the importance of science and technology. Artificial intelligence, big data, contactless services and other technologies make China under the epidemic Still in order. There is no doubt that technology has penetrated into all aspects of human life. At the same time, the epidemic has also reshuffled all industries, transitioning from "no innovation, no development" to "no innovation, no survival" in an inward-rolling competition track.

In order to further promote the innovative development and cross-industry integration of the musical instrument industry, and to penetrate into the consumer groups of the Z era, the organizers of Music China have planned a series of music technology activities for the "Future Music Season", including [Tech+ Music Lab Music Technology Laboratory] and [Music China Future Festival Future Music Festival], [IEMC International Electronic Music Competition], [International MIDI Application Technology Forum] and other branch activities, to create a frontier position in music technology.

Taking "technology, innovation, and cross-industry" as the starting point, integrating interactive display, technical exchange, sharing experience, professional competition and dynamic interpretation, using technology to empower music, using music to activate technology, and linking other industries through "music" to create "music" "Connected" space to create a super three-dimensional interconnected space with technology pioneer brands, electronic music experts, music lovers, technology enthusiasts, and fashion culture lovers. 

 Music China Tech+ Music Lab showcases MIDI and global music technology products

The interactive display area brings together well-known electronic audio equipment and audio brands at home and abroad, showing the most dazzling electronic audio equipment and innovative gameplay.

It is worth mentioning that the laboratory launched two new awards, the "Chinese User Choice Award" and the "Most Potential Award" this year: a professional judging panel composed of domestic end users will be among the many overseas innovative brands participating Eight winners of the "Chinese User Choice Award" will be selected, and the winning brands will be exhibited in the interactive exhibition area; at the same time, the participating brands in the interactive exhibition area will participate in the on-site voting and selection of the exhibition, and one of the "Most Potential Award" will be selected. .

This is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity for overseas brands to open the Chinese market and seek brand development in the post-epidemic era. At the same time, it also brings the world's freshest first-hand brand information and product trends to the audience, breaking time and time in an atmosphere with a sense of future technology. Space constraints, use innovative technology to empower music products.

Chinese Musical Instrument Association launches Future Music Technology Committee  

International MIDI Technology Application and Development Forum deepen the international MIDI development trend and share cutting-edge technology innovation applications. 

With the continuous expansion of the Chinese music market, MIDI technology has been widely used in modern digital music production. Electronic musical instruments, computers, and mobile phones of different brands are interoperable through MIDI. It is a daily essential application technology for musicians, producers, DJs, artists and music lovers. It can be said that MIDI is the cornerstone of modern digital music, allowing music production to truly break the limitations of professionalism to the public.

In order to explore the technological innovation and application fields of MIDI, and keep up with the latest development trend of the international MIDI industry, Shanghai Musical Instrument Exhibition has held the Shanghai International MIDI Technology Application and Development Forum for seven consecutive years, setting up "MIDI Summit Forum", "Master Series Lectures", etc. The event focuses on the most cutting-edge MIDI technology innovation and application areas, and invites heavyweight guests and representatives of well-known companies to discuss the actual application scenarios and future development trends of MIDI technology. There are also digital music experts at home and abroad to share and exchange, and to conform to international MIDI standard. The latest development trend of the industry introduces the most advanced terminal application technology for domestic MIDI professionals and enthusiasts, leading the development of industry technology. 

Craig Anderton's message to the Chinese Musical Instrument Association 

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