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Process and Translate MIDI with the BomeBox


We have actively participated in creating the MIDI 2.0 specifications in the MIDI Manufacturers Association for many years. This year, some specifications will be finalized, and the Bome products will learn new MIDI 2.0 features along that path. The main focus will be on bridging MIDI 1.0 gear with the MIDI 2.0 world: proxying and translation. Existing BomeBox owners will also benefit from these new features by way of free firmware upgrades.

by Florian Bome

The BomeBox is a versatile hardware MIDI router, processor, and translator in a small, robust case. Connect your MIDI gear via MIDI-DIN, USB, Ethernet, and WiFi to the BomeBox and benefit instantly from all its functions. It's a solution for your MIDI connection needs on stage or in the studio.

In conjunction with the desktop editor software Bome MIDI Translator Pro (sold separately), you can create powerful MIDI mappings, including layerings, MIDI memory, and MIDI logic. A computer is only needed for creating the mapping. Once it is loaded into the BomeBox, a computer is not necessary for operation.

BomeBox Overview

BomeBox Features 


The BomeBox is configured via a web browser. Just enable the integrated WiFi Hot Spot, connect your cell phone, tablet, or computer to it, and open a web browser to access the easy-to-use web configuration.


Connect your MIDI gear to the two standard MIDI DIN input and output ports. If you need more MIDI-DIN ports, use the MIDI Host port!

USB Host

The USB Host port allows you to connect any (class compliant) USB-MIDI device to the BomeBox, and use the advanced MIDI router and processing.

USB Hubs

Using a USB hub, you can connect even more USB-MIDI devices to a BomeBox. The MIDI Router allows fine grained routing control for every connected MIDI device individually.

MIDI Router

The integrated MIDI Router gives you full control over which MIDI device talks to which other MIDI device connected to the BomeBox. And if you need more fine grained filtering, or routing by MIDI channel, note number, etc., see Processing below.

Network MIDI Support

The BomeBox has two Ethernet ports. You can use Ethernet to directly connect BomeBox to BomeBox or to a computer. Using the Bome Network tool (see below), all BomeBoxes are auto-discovered. Once set up ("paired"), Network MIDI connections are persistent across reboots and BomeBox power cycles.

Wireless MIDI

The BomeBox' integrated WiFi HotSpot can also be used for wireless MIDI connections to computers and/or to other BomeBoxes. You can also configure the BomeBox to be a WiFi client for integration into existing WiFi networks.


The powerful MIDI processing of Bome MIDI Translator Pro is available in the BomeBox. Hundreds of thousands of processing entries can be stored on the BomeBox.

Incoming Actions:

  • MIDI messages
  • Keystrokes (on QWERTY keyboard or number pad)
  • Data on Serial Port
  • Timed events
  • Enable/disable translation preset

Scripting ("Rules"):

A sequence of rules can be defined to be processed if the incoming action matches:

  • assignments of variables, e.g. pp = 20
  • simple expressions, e.g. pp = og + 128
  • labels and goto, e.g. goto "2nd Options"
  • conditional execution, e.g. IF pp < 20 THEN do not execute Outgoing Action

Outgoing Actions:

  • Send MIDI messages
  • Send bytes or text to Serial Ports
  • Create/start/stop timer
  • Enable/disable translation preset
  • Open another translation project

Keystroke (QWERTY) Input Support

Connect a (wireless) computer keyboard or a number pad to the BomeBox, then use the processing capabilities to convert to MIDI or trigger other actions! Really? Yes! and it's useful... sometimes!

RS-232 Serial Port Support

The BomeBox also supports RS-232 adapters to be plugged into the USB host port. Now all processing actions are available in conjunction with serial ports, too: convert serial data to MIDI and vice versa. Route Serial port data via Ethernet. Or integrate older mixing consoles which only talk RS-232.

Allen & Heath Digital Mixer Support
Last, but not least, the BomeBox has built-in support for Allen & Heath mixers connected via Ethernet. They're auto-discovered, and once you've paired them, all the MIDI routing and processing is available to the connected A&H mixer, too!

Bome Network

The standard edition of the Bome Network tool allows connecting your computer to one or more BomeBoxes via Ethernet and WiFi. Any MIDI application can send MIDI to the BomeBox and receive from it. On the BomeBox, you can configure which MIDI stream is sent to a particular connected computer.

BomeBoxes are auto-discovered, and once you've established a connection ("paired"), it is persistent across reboots and BomeBox power cycles.

If you like to set up network MIDI connections from computer to computer, use the Add-On Bome Network Pro.

Bome Network is available for Windows and for macOS.


Bome Software

Take your MIDI gear to the next level!
Bome Software creates software and hardware for custom interaction with your MIDI devices and the computer. Used by live sound engineers, controllerists, DJ's, theaters and opera houses, lighting engineers, beat boxers, performance artists, music and broadcasting studios, and many others.
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