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Re.corder re.invented as a MIDI Controller


 re.corder gives you three different ways to play. 

  • Play acoustically, with or without the application running. It's a regular recorder. 
  • Play digitally (you can mute it with the supplied mute-plug) silently and use the sounds of the app's library, alone or play with up to three other friends! This will allow you to to practice everywhere, day and night, without annoying anyone!
  • Use the re.corder as a MIDI wind instrument controller. The re.corder features BLE wireless MIDI connectivity

The breath sensor is an high performance pressure sensing device, that can measure the strength of your blow, and transform this information into an expression parameter. This is used by the app, and most softwares, as a modifier for modulation or other sound characteristics. The mouthpiece of the re.corder can also sense your lips, understanding when you really want to play or not!

Under every note hole there's a single or dual touch sensor that detect your finger and the note that you want to play. The software can be modified to swap fingering styles or to allow impaired mobility players to have their own custom fingering map.

We didn't left out anything and in fact, to allow extreme expressivity and many other applications, we implemented an inertial platform with a 3D accelerometer MEMS. This sensor is capable of interpreting the movement and the attitude of the product, opening the possibility of modifying the sound following the player's gestures.

by artinoise

Different ways to be expressive 

With breath and lip sensors  plus a 3D accelerometer has plenty of expressive capabilities as MIDI controller.  Here a few examples of what you can do with the re.corder. 

For more info, checkout the re.corder kickstarter page.  


the recorder, re.invented by Artinoise — Kickstarter

Artinoise is raising funds for the recorder, re.invented on Kickstarter! A modern take on one of the widest used educational instruments in school. Stimulating music learning and creation.
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