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ROLI launches LUMI Keys Studio Edition


 ROLI has always been a leader in the world of MPE and now they have released LUMI Keys Studio Edition.  

The LUMI features some impressive features for the price. 

  • Per-key pitchbend and polyphonic aftertouch
    • MPE makes the per-key pitch bend possible and poly aftertouch has always been a feature of MIDI 1.0
  • Whole-key illumination
    • It's called the LUMI because the keys light up with different colors. 
  • Expandability through magnetic connectors
    • Like ROLI Blocks you can connect multiple LUMI keyboards together.  Each unit is 24 keys so you can create 48, 72, or even 96-key playing surface.
  • ROLI Studio software suite -the all-in-one smart production suite 
    • 2 plugins: ROLI Studio Player & ROLI Studio Drums
    • 500+ sounds, including 300+ MPE sounds
    • Presets from Equator, Cypher2, Strobe2 synths
    • Expansive audio effects and macros
    • Groundbreaking production tools like Smart Chords
    • Intuitive, easily navigable interfaces
    • Works with all MIDI controllers and DAWs
  • DS5.5 sized keys
    • LUMI Keys the first MPE controller with a traditional keyboard form factor
  • Compact and easily transportable
    • Dimensions and Weight
      • Width: 282mm
      • Height: 27mm
      • Depth: 141mm
      • Weight: 677g
      • Key Size: DS5.5

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