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Use MIDI to Control Your Vocal Pitch, Harmonies and More!


Though Roland co-invented the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) well over three decades ago, it's still an integral part of new products and is as useful to musicians as ever. A prime example is the tiny but mighty Roland VT-4 Voice Transformer, a portable effects box for the instrument inside us all—the human voice.

Today's musical styles increasingly use unusual vocal sounds with heavy processing, making them stand out and grab the listener's attention. With the Roland VT-4, you have a wealth of modern and retro vocal effects at your fingertips, with no need for a complicated setup using a computer and plug-ins. The VT-4 has everything from delay and reverb to mind-bending formant and vocoding effects. Better still, the Roland VT-4's performance-oriented interface lets you ride the controls while you sing to constantly alter the sound to suit the track and enhance the vibe of your performance.

But what if you need more control over your pitch or the voicings of your vocal harmonies? That's where MIDI comes in.

While the Roland VT-4 works great on its own and can harmonize and vocode without any input other than your voice, plugging a MIDI keyboard opens even more expressive possibilities. Through MIDI you can control the Auto-Pitch, harmony, and vocoder engines in real time with the notes you play from a connected controller. You can hard-tune your voice to specific notes as you sing or create instant MIDI-controlled melodies and multi-part harmonies with voicings that follow your chords, and it is SO simple to get set up!

Supported by MIDI, the Roland VT-4 Voice Transformer brings real time vocal processing (including vocoding!) into the 21st Century.

To learn more about Roland's VT-4 Vocal Transformer, visit https://www.roland.com/global/products/vt-4/ 

Roland VT-4 Voice Transformer Effects Processor Features: 

  • Compact vocal effects processor
  • Craft your own unique vocal sound, from subtle polishing to out-and-out mangling
  • Easy to use with no menu diving or programming
  • Great-sounding 24-bit/192kHz effects
  • Portable, compact design with up to 5 hours of battery life

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