RTP-MIDI or MIDI over Networks


RTP-MIDI (IETF RFC 6295) is a specification for sending/receiving standard "MIDI 1.0" messages using standard networking protocols ("Real Time Protocol" and "Internet Protocol"). RTP-MIDI includes a data recovery mechanism (MIDI event journaling) to address packet loss that can occur on networks, eliminating the need for packet retransmission (whic...

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Telemidi - Creating music over The Internet in real-time

TeleMIDI-logo-sml Telemidi - Creating music over the Internet in real-time

What is Telemidi? A system of connecting two DAW environments over the internet, to achieve real-time musical `jamming'.The product of Masters research by Matt Bray. "...a musician's behaviour at one location will be occurring at the other location in a near synchronous manner, and vice versa, thus allowing for a `jam' like atmosphere to ...

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