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The June NAMM MIDI Zone Virtual Tour


NAMM puts MIDI on the map at the June NAMM show 

We covered all the MIDI Association booths (10300, The MIDI Zone Lounge and Studio 108) in our last article and now it is time to dive into the booths of MIDI Association and AMEI members at the June NAMM show.  

With NAMM's cooperation, we were able to put together a solid block of MIDI Association companies all centered in the same physical area and even with a consistent look and feel.

Basically all of the companies you see in the picture below are MIDI Association members.

Amenote ProtoZOA USB MIDI 2.0 Prototyping Tool

 Amenote had a number of products at the show that were all based off the core design of the ProtoZOA MIDI 2.0 prototyping tool. 

ProtoZOA showing buttons that can send MIDI 2.0 messages.
Diagram of the ProtoZoa functions
ProtoZOAs lined up for testing and shipment to MIDI Association and AMEI members
ProtoZOA connected to an Analog Devices development board for testing MIDI 2.0 over A2B.
Amenote Booth

Caedence - Online Music Collaboration and Charting Software


Bome Software

Everything sounds.

Bome Software creates software and hardware for music production on stage and studio. Our main focus is on MIDI control catering to customers like musicians, performers, lighting engineers, electronic DJ's and many more.

Each of our products is designed to be as powerful as it is intuitive. With applications including MIDI Translator, Mouse Keyboard, SendSX, and our signature hardware, the BomeBox, we aim to arm our users with specialized tools that will make your next project easier while freeing up your creative side.

by Florian Bomer
Bome Software
Florian Bomers, Chair of the MIDI Association Network Transport Working Group
Florian answers questions about the Bome Box
The Bome Box has been updated to support MIDI 2.0 and Bome Software has signed the MIDI Association Logo Licensing Agreement

Pitch Innovations

Pitch Innovations won last year's MIDI Innovation Awards with their Fluid Pitch VST and won this year's MIDI Innovation Awards in the Commercial Software category with Fluid Chords.


Artiphon announced the Orba 2 and continued to promote the OrbaCam software. 

Orba 2
Adam McHeffy from Artiphon demonstrates the Orba 2 with sampling capabilities
The Artiphon booth was busy all three days of the show

PTZOptics - Pan, Tilt, Zoom cameras controllable by MIDI

Just before the show we announced that PTZoptics had added MIDI control to their PTZ cameras.  It was definitely one of the areas of the MIDI Zone that got a lot of attention. 

PTZOptics Brings MIDI Control to PTZ Cameras

New firmware update allows users to control a PTZ camera with any MIDI device  Downingtown, PA - May 26, 2022. PTZOptics, leading manufacturers of affordable broadcast-quality robotic cameras, and the MIDI Association, the international stewards of MIDI technology, today announce a new frontier for MIDI control. In a joint project, rapidl...

Digitaize MIDI Violin

The Digitaize MIDI Violin was a revelation to many people who had not experienced it before.  Digitaize Smart Instruments are bringing MIDI to traditional acoustic instruments with Bluetooth MIDI and Audio streaming, accelerometers and a wide variety of sounds and control.

Non Linear Synths

Founded in 2011 by Stephan Schmitt, Nonlinear Labs is dedicated to building advanced electronic instruments for performing musicians, focusing on playability, expressiveness, quality, and durability.

Embodme Erae Touch

The Embodme Arae Touch created a palpable buzz at the show as many people were attracted to sitting down and playing this unique instrument that you can play with your hands or with sticks. 

Eon One Network


The Jamstick booth was packed every minute of the show with people checking out the Jamstick Studio MIDI Guitar

Narrow Keys

MIDI 9 announced a new series of products call Narrow Keys which have a smaller key so that instead of 6.5 inches between octaves there is 5.5 inches. 

We tried to make this virtual tour feel like you were strolling the aisles of the NAMM show so you could get a sense of the excitement and buzz that permeated the June 2022 NAMM MIDI Zone.  

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