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The Korg SQ64 Polyphonic Sequencer- Step up your Connectivity and Control


Just like MIDI itself, the Korg SQ64 hardware sequencer focuses on connectivity and control 

The SQ-64 is unique in its ability to drive MIDI and modular synths letting you create music with all your synth gear without the need for a computer, tablet or cellphone. It features four hardware based sequencer tracks each with up to 64-step sequences

The first three tracks support up to 8-note polyphony, with Mod, Pitch, and Gate outputs for each track. The fourth track is designed to be a monophonic 16-part sequencer, driving eight separate Gate outputs along with eight different MIDI notes — perfect for driving a drum machine or drum synthesis modules. So in total, you can send three polyphonic sequences to three different devices via MIDI or CV/Gate/Mod, plus a monophonic sequence with up to eight different MIDI notes to a MIDI device, plus a monophonic sequence with up to eight different parts sent out via Gate outputs. That's a lot of creative potential for a compact hardware sequencer!

by Sweetwater

Blending CV/Gate and MIDI control in one portable box

It's the unique combination of CV control, MIDI & Audio sync, and polyphonic multitrack sequencing that makes the Korg's SQ-64 special.  Check out Korg's James Sajeva as he demos the SQ64 with a rack of modular synths. 

More Unique Step Sequencing features 

The SQ64 Step Sequencer has some unique features that are really only available with Step Sequencer- you can set the steps to play backwards (Reverse), play from the beginning to the end and then turn around (Bounce),  Stochastic (randomly pick between one step forward, skip one forward, backwards or repeat step) or Random (randomly pick from all the available steps in the track).  When you combine that with the ability to do Polyrhythms (Each track can have different lengths) and changing the time divisions of each track independently (1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4 plus Triplets) and there is an endless amount of creative fun available. 

Comes with a bundle of software 

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