Here are links to some of the best MIDI film scoring resources. Any text in blue is a link. 

Of course, we have some great resources right on our site from Nonlinear Educating. Peter Schwartz has put together not only the core DeMystifying MIDI course, but advanced video courses in MIDI Orchestration.

The MIDI Orchestra Music

These courses are designed to get you up-to-speed with the tools and techniques of creating orchestral mockups using MIDI. You learn the techniques of how to make MIDI instruments sound "real". You see how to set up orchestral templates and get a comprehensive look at compositional tools you can use to create different moods and styles.

You can preview chapters from the videos to see if it has the information you need. 

VI Control

V.I. Control Forum is a virtual-instruments-applications-oriented-community that has some of the most highly experienced post contributors in real time. VI Control Forum has become an important resource for thousands of musicians and composers all over the world. Many of these contributors are experts in their field.

Fantastic MIDI Mockups

Fantastic MIDI Mockups is a collection of the best orchestral scores, orchestrations, and arrangements that use sample libraries. They are graded by members of VI Control Forum which supports a large community of those using samples in digital orchestrations.

The Film Music Society

The Film Music Society is a non-profit organization established by professionals in the film and music communities. The FMS promotes the preservation of film and television music in all of its manifestations, including published and unpublished scores, orchestrations, recordings and all related materials. It is the leading organization for film and television music preservation in the world, with members in eighteen countries.

Hans Zimmer Master Class


SCOREcast Online is a resource community of working film, television, video game and mixed media music professionals that is dedicated to providing relevant news, commentary, and education for the professional media production community. Its core aim is to inform and educate anyone interested in the re-sophistication of the business and craft of making music for all visual media applications.


Midi Film Scoring is a resource site for TV, film, and game composers who work primarily with virtual instruments and MIDI sequencers. Here you'll find film scoring tips and tutorials, news about free VST instruments and the best sample libraries, and industry news.

MFS has also put together a pretty comprehensive list of online film scoring resources.

Film Scoring Books

Online Film Scoring Courses 

Virtual Orchestration Facebook group and tutorials on using MIDI

Filmtracks- Reviews of Film Tracks

Covering the best and worst of original film and television music since 1996, Filmtracks is a spirited home for comprehensive, humorous, and controversial soundtrack reviews.