MIDI Association Event List
Live events are coming back and we'll be there
Check out these MIDI events and then tell us which ones you'll be attending and participating in


We will be at Booth 58 and we will be joined by MIDI Association companies who have their own booths including Ashun Sound Machines, Casio, Embodme, Expressive E, iConnectivity, IK Multimedia, ILIO, Keith McMillen Instruments, Korg, Kurzweil, Novation, PianoArc, Roland, Sequential, Spectrasonics, Steinberg, and Yamaha.

Audio Developers Conference

The MIDI Association will be presenting two very important sessions at ADC this year.

Tuesday, November 15 • 3:00pm - 3:50pm
Moderated by Florian Bomers and other MIDI Association members

Wednesday, November 16 • 9:00am - 9:50am
Apple, Google and Microsoft Implementations of MIDI 2.0
Moderated by Mike Kent and other MIDI Association members

Music China

Music China will design a special exhibition area for up to 8 MIDI companies who enter and win the Chinese Users' Choice Award. The Awards are selected by voting from over 800 music schools in China.
These Chinese Choice Award companies products will be displayed with the assistance of 3-5 Future Musician/MIDI Brand Ambassadors selected by Music China that have English and Music Technology skills. 
Get your products represented in China and in Chinese without having to go to China yourself.
The MIDI Association, Music China and the Future Musician/MIDI Brand Ambassadors  will do all the work for you.

Consumer Electronics Show

The MIDI Association has been an Allied Association of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) for many years.  We will have a small booth provided by CTA and we expect some of our members including Analog Devices to have booths at the show as well. 

April NAMM 2023- The 40th Anniversary of MIDI

The April 2023 NAMM show (April  is going to be a very special event for the MIDI Association.
If you are a MIDI Developer, we would like to invite you to join us in the MIDI Zone.

2023 not only marks the 40th anniversary of MIDI, but on top of that we expect there to be a number of new products that feature MIDI 2.0 from MIDI Association members at the April NAMM show spurred on by our prototyping tools.

We have been working closely with NAMM on our 40th anniversary celebration plans and are happy to announce an official NAMM MIDI Showcase as well as special packages that make it easy for smaller MIDI companies to participate in the show.

What is the MIDI Association?

The MIDI Association (TMA) is the global non-profit organization that connects the companies who develop MIDI products and new MIDI specifications with all the people around the world that create music and art with MIDI. 

The Official MIDI Specifications

The Official MIDI Specifications

The MIDI Association produces the technical Specifications that make MIDI products work together.

We are working on many updates and additions to the MIDI 2.0 specifications right now. 

Join the MIDI Association and then use the link below to download MIDI Specifications.

MIDI has been and will always be free for anyone to use. 

Our Mission for Corporate Members

  • Promote the use of MIDI technology and products
  • Ensure the interoperability of MIDI products
  • Create new MIDI standards for new market needs
  • Protect the term MIDI and the MIDI logo marks

Our Mission for Individual Members

  • Nurture an inclusive global MIDI community 
  • Connect people who use MIDI with the companies that create MIDI products
  • Promote new ways of creatively using MIDI
  • Promote MIDI In Music Education

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Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater performs on the Geoshred iOS app he developed with moForte at the NAMM Event where we announced the MIDI Innovation Awards winners.

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