Thursday, 19 October 2017
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So... as mentioned above, I have a Digitech Control 7 foot pedal... which has it's OWN problems...

But the one I'm currently interested in is that I have it connected with a USB/Midi cable (which I know to be working because I've tested it with other midi devices). It appears to be sending a signal because a little green light goes on when I step on it (the light is on the converter cable... yet no signal is received by the computer.

I'm on a mac and using Audio Midi Setup. If I connect any other midi device at all it works just fine.

If the little light wasn't flashing when I stepped on it then I would just yank the board and replace it with an arduino or raspberry pi or something.

Any idea why this might be happening?
I'm not familiar with the Digitech Control 7, but is it possible that you have to tell it explicitly to use the USB port as opposed to the MIDI Out port?

6 years ago
No. It doesn't have a USB port. It only has a midi out port.

So here's the thing: It's actually working... but it only sends 5 midi program change messages. Not control change and not notes.

So I Midipipe will allow you to convert Program Change to Control Change... but ALL program changes (meaning ALL the pedals) would essentially do the same thing since MidiPipe doesn't have a way to separate Program Changes. So now I need help doing that.
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