Sunday, 12 September 2021
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I am sending midi information from my laptop using Roland Zenbeats to 3 synths (Korg electribe, Volca keys & Waldorf streichfett) via a midi interface (TIE MIDI 4i4o). I recently reconnected my setup after moving it. I next attempted to play a track via midi and as the Volca keys and Streichfett were supposed to begin playing simultaneously one would either start making high pitched glitching noises or freeze up and not play as the other unit played its sequence normally.

I have checked the settings of all three units as well as the interface and all appear to be the same as before the issue began. Here is a link to a video showing my setup and the issue.


Thanks in advance.
1 year ago
As I understand your question, all three devices worked correctly before. But now, one still does work, but the other two do not.

If you re-arrange the connector cables (?), does the situation remain, or does a different device now work, and the other two do not? If this is the case, then at least one of the connectors is faulty. There are regularly problems with midi/usb connector cables, and this can change depending on the devices being connected.

See recent posts here regarding this.

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