Friday, 12 January 2018
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I've written a Windows MIDI sequencer. It outputs note data and clock data so it can be used with sound sources and rhythm machines at the same time.

Download it from:



9 months ago
Note that this item was originally posted January 2018, but has been 'bumped' to the top I guess by a 'spam' reply which has now been removed. The item has not however replaced to it's correct place, which would usually have happened.

I just deciced to check out the software anyway.

The download file is still there, and downloaded, however it does not run. Gives a 'Not valid Win32 application' error, although looking in the file there IS a reference to it being a Win32 application, so not sure what's gone wrong.

The application might have some interest, although it does NOT sound like a 'MIDI Sequencer'. There is no reference to the application being able to load midi data, although there is a reference to the ascii text data files used including some midi data. Not is there any reference to being able to create a MIDI file as output, which would be useful, although the application supposedly can send midi data to connected devices.

The application could be useful for creating 'loop' modules, and constructing midi music based on repeated loops, and/or loops with variations (which normal midi files do not do). They are strictly sequential. BUT of course a LOT of music is based around loops/repeats.

I've seen reference to other systems using loops, usually with regard to drum patterns.

In these contexts, it might have been interesting to see what this system actually did.

Anyone downloaded it back in 2018? Did it work then?

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