Friday, 01 April 2022
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Hi, I'm curating a list of libraries for quick reference. I'm involved in trying to write a Python script for use with FL Studio's Akai Fire MIDI controller.
I will be posting this list of bookmarks and files on the Image Line forum. I attached the url in the 'links' section, as the link button here is being blocked by something.

I see that one must register to have access to the MIDI spec files. May I have permission to upload some of these files to the forum?
A person needs a valid FL Studio license to access that forum. The people involved in the python scripting area are programmers and MIDI enthusiasts, and could use a reference guide, as the helpful knowledge is scattered across the internet. I'm not sure if it's ok to upload the MIDI specs there. ?
1 year ago
Hi Trevor,

My understanding is that the MMA do not like people hosting their documents off site.
They prefer a link to the page where the documents can be retrieved

which is "https://www.midi.org/specifications"

together with an explanation of how they can be obtained.

I did what you're attempting on my own web forum some years ago and was advised to do what I've explained above.

Hope that helps?
30 minutes ago
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