Wednesday, 08 June 2022
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G'day Folks, Missed all of the MIDI going ons thru the years as I was "into" music in the early (read out of my reach as a kid financially) days and then life began (becoming a responsible working adult) and now that I have a little time on my hands I am venturing back into my earlier interest. So to get to it.. I recently acquired an older YAMAHA YPG-535. To give you an idea it refers to Windows 2000 & XP in reference to drivers!... YAMAHA support has been of little help.. & I get that.. So What I am attempting to do is use it as a controller for the B3X app available on the iPad. It has a midi to host usb connection to transferring data... and there is this.. I used the "MIDIWRENCH" app and saw where it was responding to keys being depressed.. BUT NOW NOTHING!.. So my question specific is this. Is there anyone "out here" that is using this specific piece in this manner that could guide me?... and if not... is there anyone willing to point me in a direction that will get me along to accomplishing what I am attempting to do.. Thank you for your time in advance... Stephen..
1 year ago
The official Yamaha YPG-535 support page has updated drivers, software, manual, and a list of compatible usb devices. Perhaps something in there will help.

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