Monday, 13 June 2022
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HI, I use Propellerhead Reason and wanted to connect some synths and a Nord Drum Pad
via Midi-Out 2 with Reason via an Focusrite USB-Interface

So I bought Kenton Thru-12
- connected I with the Focusrite
- and put via midi in all the external Synthesizer...2 of them only have Midi and no USB

When I run the computer with the Reason Midi-Track all connected Synths run together and I can't switch between them...

any idea?
1 year ago
Here is the advertising at the top Kenton Thru 12 page on the web (kentonuk.com/product/thru-12/)

"MIDI Thru boxes take the signal coming from a single MIDI source and split it into a number of identical copies."
N.B. split it into a number of IDENTICAL COPIES (my capitals).

So exactly the same MIDI data stream is coming out of every thru socket.

To make use of this you'll have to make sure that the data for each synth is on a different MIDI channel.
Then set each synth to respond only to the data on one specific channel.

I use a MOTU micro-lite to connect up to five MIDI devices via USB.

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