Monday, 07 May 2018
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As we work to add MIDI protocol to our SMASHmouse, where else better to get design feedback than the MIDI Assocation?!

Today's question relates to connectivity: How do you want to connect a SMASHmouse universal pedal?
We currently have USB and Bluetooth connectivity, and expect to add BLE for mobile devices in our first production run.

Please help us know if one of these is your preference, and if so, do you have a particular favorite?

To help us out best, please advise on the following:

  • What type of device do you connect most with? For example: Windows, MacOS, iOS
  • [list]
  • What Pro Audio software do you use?]
  • [list]
  • How many MIDI devices are you typically connecting?

Please contact me directly with any further questions or input at Robb@SMASHmouseUSA.com

Thank you!

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