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Where is the MIDI-CI specification (even just a draft?). The press releases make mention of it being available in a few weeks some months ago, but I still can't see any actual MIDI-CI documents on midi.org. Help! Super keen to read it.

Update: I have searched the Japanese AMEI association page as well, no luck...?
4 years ago
Thanks to Athan for providing me with a draft. I look forward to this going public :). Good luck in the final stages...
To be clear, ROLI is an MMA member (Skot works for ROLI) and MMA members have access to the MIDI Specifications as they are in development under the MMA's NDA and intellectual property rules.

The MIDI-CI specification is finished, but there were a few minor wording changes recommended by AMEI and we are just waiting for the official signed version.

We expect that the document will be made available to TMA members for download soon. One of the advantages of being an MMA member is that you get to not only access early specifications, but have the ability to a join a working group and have input into the development of spec itself.

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3 years ago
Hi Forum,

The MIDI Capability Inquiry message specification is now available for download in the "Specs" section.
Specifically, the link is on the "Complete MIDI 1.0 Detailed Specification" page, under "MIDI 1.0 Specification Addenda [after 1996]".

Thanks for your patience.

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