Tuesday, 11 October 2022
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Hi all, long time MIDI user, long time since I posted here.

I have been dusting off my old MIDI synthesizers and enjoying making patches/sounds for them. I have been watching several youtube videos and it seems there are several MIDI/synth enthusiasts still out there.

I looked around and found MIDI Quest (the trial does not run on my Windows 10 PC) and a couple of open source editors. I have Cubase 12 Artist, which has MIDI Devices/Instruments but no panels (Need PRO for that).

I have some time and some programming skills and I was curious if there was a need/market for yet another cross platform Editor/Librarian, seems like most have them have disappeared. I would love to hear any thoughts about general need, if there are any specific items missing from VST enabled studio programs that people wish they had etc.

Please feel free to share any thoughts or ideas!
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11 months ago
It would be great to see a web-based sysex librarian (using Web MIDI) with a public database of sysex messages and an embedded (basic) hex editor that can also generate common checksums.

Spent some hours hacking my own sysex tools in JavaScript and realized this would have a great deal of general utility.
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