Tuesday, 13 December 2022
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Hi everyone!
My name is Marco and I'm new here,
I just joined the community cause I cant find the informations I'm looking for on the internet and I hope someone can help me in here.
I'll try to be as brief and clear as possible.
I would like to midi map on a single button a certain configurations of all parameters of the VST "Aalto" by "Madrona Labs" in Ableton Live.
The Aalto synth has many parameters that i midi mapped on my "Novation Lounch Control XL MK2" and that I like to move during my live performances.
Some specific settings though, sounds better than others and I would like to be able to recall them by pressing a single button.
This way I can move all the parameters during a certain part of the performance and be able to get back or move to a new setting for another part.
Otherwise to get a specific setting by turning up and down every single parameters would be impossible during a performance and surely not immediate.
Don't know if this is possible neither if it depends on the VST, the DAW or the controller.
I Hope I was comprehensible.
Thank you in advance for your attention.
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It would be a help if you could give some indication of how much data you're talking about, i.e. number of bytes. Some devices (most) that may be able to store some data attached to a key will have a limit.

If however you can do something with the DAW, then this may well be able to 'send' a midi file containing midi and/or SysEx data, and this could in effect be unlimited. This would however move the possible problem, as you'd now need a way to create/maintain the data files, but there will be ways. You could adjust the system to have multiple data files, which might be sent in turn, in different combinations, to cover various circumstances.

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