Saturday, 29 April 2023
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Some time ago I've posted a question about RMID (RIFF MIDI) files that got a very useful answer pointing to several files in that format. Now I'm asking for samples in XMF Format, which are also quite scarce. Another similar question has not yet received any answer.

The XMF format is well documented at the midi.org specifications, it is still supported in the Android OS, and can be parsed and played back by the Android Sonivox synthesizer library. I am forking this open source library at GitHub with a new CMake build system for any OS, and also want to develop support for this format in my Drumstick libraries project. There is one sample in the Sonivox unit tests resources: 'testmxmf.mxmf'. I know also that the "Nokia Audio Suite 2" had another sample 'Dancehall.mxmf', but having only two files to test is a very limited test suite.

It is sad that the RIFF MIDI format was killed by XMF, and then the only company (Nokia) that embraced XMF got killed too. I am playing at the graveyard of the forgotten digital music formats.
Thank you. I've also found several other mxmf ringtones from mobile phones made by Danger, Nokia and Samsung. it seems that this is the only thing the format in question was good for.
7 months ago
Hmm, well, here are 5 mxmf files I found online that were extracted from a Samsung A437 phone, but they were done using an mxmf utility that was listed as probably buggy, so take them with a grain of digital salt?
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