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Hi folks, I'm asking about Android MIDI software. I'd just-about given up on it, but I see the relevant article on this site was updated recently. So, is anyone actually using a USB-MIDI keyboard to record simple MIDI notes on an Android phone?

Here's what I'd like to achieve:
- Use my USB-MIDI portable keyboard to access simple sounds on my phone (a decent EPno sound would be sufficient) with LOW LATENCY. Even 10-20ms would be acceptable.
- Have the same app record my playing. Audio recording is not required. Even multi-tracking is not required.
- Have the app export a .mid file so I can access my MIDI recording on a real DAW for further work.

This seems rather basic stuff for me, but it hasn't worked out with anything I've tried so far. If you think it is possible on an Android phone, please guide me to the app. And if possible, let me know if a minimum ver of Android is required, and whether particular phones are required.

Thank you!
If you are using a wireless connection (e.g., Bluetooth), forget about low latency.

If you are using USB, you need a phone that is OTG capable, and an OTG adapter cable.

There are apps like Audio Evolution Mobile (requires payment for USB MIDI), Caustic, or G-Stomer Studio, but I haven't used any of them.
4 years ago
John Grant, I have a similar experience. I have tried two Android devices. A phone; Samsung Note 4 running Android 6.0.1. And a tablet; Lenovo Tab 2 A8-50F running Android 5.1. they were connected using a USB OTG cable.

It would not surprise me if the Lenovo Tablet didn't support MIDI. But, the Note 4 specifically had a SDK put out by Samsung, to enable MIDI interfacing.

I was attempting to connect to an electronic piano, a Williams Overture 2, so that I could record the MIDI performance of the pianist.

I tried 4 different Android apps on the Lenovo Tab, and 3 others on my Note 4.

I am even open to buying a new tablet, but I somehow need to figure out if it works before I buy.

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