Tuesday, 11 October 2016
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Can anyone with Adafruits Hella or Trellis Untzrument midi DIY set up/build experience on a Mac please help me?

After extensive research on the extremely confusing world of midi controllers and applications, I (a midi newbie) decided I’d be best off getting a DIY kit and building my own midi device. Unfortunately this is much more difficult software wise/coding wise even with “detailed instructions” than i anticipated. I would up buying the “Hella Untzrument” from Adafruit. Basically Adafruit had the only DYI kit with instructions I could find as any other promising choices were “out of stock” discontinued or out of business.

I am using a Macbook pro 2011 running El Capitan
I have the “Hella Untztrument” sold by Adafruit where they have all the various directions and links to software.
the brain is a “Seeeduino lite” by Arduino.

So far the Seeeduino is wired up to the joined trellis circuit boards. I only put in one led of the possible 128 (for testing purposes only) as I do not need them for this application. Since I plan to trigger only notes/chords. When it is plugged in via usb the board-“seeeduino lite”, lights up as it should. But i haven’t managed to pull off any other indicators that software/code were installed right. Even when the arduino sketchbook and accompanying libraries were seemingly installed correctly. The one led has never lit since soldered (I tested it prior to installing and it lit) I've managed no note sounds with sound application running and a midi note code compiled. I have once again did my best to uninstalled everything and start over. So wed’e be starting from scratch with the software installation. I really have trouble following the directions, due to terminology and the fact that often the files opened to not look as they should according to Adafruits directions. I have tried various versions and combinations of the software for a week now, and am so confused. I have used different working usb cords of which work with the commercial midi controllers.

Can anyone with Adafruits Hella or Trellis Untzrument midi DIY set up/build experience on a Mac please, please help me?
I really need someone who can go thru it step by step from the beginning if possible. Thanks for considering .
According to the documentation, the Arduino should show up as a USB MIDI device. Does it?
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