Thursday, 28 November 2019
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i'm new to MIDI and i'm trying to build a MIDI synth that takes midi usb in.

I'm still design the development pcb and ran into a problem.

At first i was just trying to see the pinout of midi usb to connect it to my stm32f1, but now i see that i might need a FTDI chip between midi usb and my controller's serial uart.

I tried to search for the documentation but i couldn't find anything. what should i do?

EDIT: what about the native STM32's usb? should i use that?
If your STM32 can speak USB, then you should use it. However, the USB protocol is very complex, so it is likely that you will be using ST's libraries for this. (The USB MIDI protocol itself is rather simple.)

Consider using libraries that have built-in USB MIDI support, i.e., Arduino (this works on chips with built-in USB support, e.g., ATmega32U4-based boards or Teensy; I don't know if there is full Arduino support for your STM32).

The FTDI chips do not speak USB MIDI (USB serial is a different protocol). The only external USB/MIDI chip is the CH345, which I cannot recommend because it is too buggy.
you can use an STM32F042 Nucleo board. Price approx. 12$?
Add some components for MIDI in and out or analog ... Then use the 2 USB pins of the processor (is USB Device) and connect it to an USB connector and this to any USB host ... for example an WIN10 Pc.

Now search on internet for example code or build it for yourself (not very simple!).

For example

best regards
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