Sunday, 23 February 2020
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The last time I used midi was in 1990 using a Yamaha DX27. Can anyone please tell me what good midi 2.0 keyboards are available and what software I need? Thankyou
The MIDI 2.0 specs have been approved and are available for download to the public.
The USB-MIDI 2.0 spec is well on it's way to final design and approval.

Also if you read the specs, you will see that some types of MIDI 2.0 devices do not even need to wait for a new USB driver or a new operating system.
Property Exchange and Profiles can be done using Universal SysEx over 5 PIN DIN cables. All you need is bi-directional communication.

So some current MIDI devices on the market could be updated with firmware updates to support these MIDI 2.0 features without any physical or ecosystem changes.

As far as some comments about MIDI 2.0 devices being expensive, a lot of work was done especially with Property Exchange (PE) to ensure that it could be implemented on low cost devices.

At the NAMM show, Andrew Mee who was one of the core architects of PE should a demo of PE being run on an Arduino board that was running an Open Source synth. His Electron app communicated with the Arduino board rand PE created an editor on PC to control the open source synth.

Yes, you need one smart device in your system like a computer or tablet, but the MIDI 2.0 hardware device that Andrew showed was an Arduino board with a parts cost of lower than $100.

MIDI 2.0 is a broad suite of new MIDI capabilities and not just one thing.

But now everyone can read the actual specs and figure all these things out for themselves.

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3 years ago
There is only one keyboard that CLAIMS it is MIDI 2, by Roland. But so far no specifications nor any idea just how it is compliant.

It is much too early to expect any keyboards to be available as the new standard is still in the approval process.
The new MIDI 2 over USB I don't think has been generally approved. As far as I'm aware there is no operating system that supports MIDI 2.

In other words, come back in 2021 and have another look, there may be something by then.
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