Wednesday, 06 May 2020
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Hi All! I hope you and yours are safe.
Thanks for the membership too!
Has there been any developments in converting .SNG files to normal midi files.
In my case, they were created on Voyetra’s Sequencer Plus Gold.
9 months ago
OK, so I figured I would post this to help others. I was a Voyetra User from the beginning and my company was actually a Voyetra Dealer back in the day when they were a small company and BEFORE they were bought by turtle beach.

So making a full working DOS Voyetra system these days can be challenging (Legacy Hardware, VAPI interfaces, VAPI drivers, etc), but the conversion of SNG to MIDI is quite easy as explained before, however I will add some detail that was overlooked.

No original DOS MIDI Hardware is needed at all when launching sequencer Plus Gold, if you attempt to launch any of the batch files, it will error and not load SPG without the hardware...but the main executable will still work without MIDI hardware

On any DOS PC or virtual machine, create a directory SGP directory and copy all the files from the diskette drive image I have attached (version 4.02) or use your old Voyetra floppies.
To launch Voyetra, DO NOT run "SEQ.BAT" or any other BAT files as it will attempt to call and load old driver files that look for your old MIDI hardware, instead...
run "SPG" which launches SPG.EXE

It will sit there for a good minute and appear frozen then it will say "VAPI DRIVER NOT INSTALLED... hit a key for Demo" You are now good to go, you cannot play a song, but you can load and convert your songs in Demo mode. Hit "f" for files, use "M" to toggle mode, load your file while in "SNG Mode" and then simply hit "F" for files, and "M" to change to "MIDI Mode" and then S to Save the file in MIDI mode
7 months ago
This is great! Just found this thread searching for a way go bring my old SNG files back to life. Installed DosBox, then SPG (thanks Vincent). Just converted two of them to see if it worked, it did. Will convert some more this weekend.

Thanks everyone!
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