Wednesday, 02 December 2020
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Hi, I am a performer who is now new to implementing midi in my studio.

I was just recently able to pick up some old midi gear at very low cost from a studio that closed. I have obtained a keyboard controller and at least six legacy rackmount modules.

I would like use the keyboard as the main controller for many of these devices simultaneously. I was thinking about getting a midi thru box (either 1-to-4 or 1-to-8) to patch these.

I want to take the midi outs from the modules through my audio interface and into my DAW. I use Logic with a UAD Apollo x8 audio interface on a Mac Mini. The Apollo has no midi inputs/thrus, however, so it appears that I will have to bypass the Apollo to get midi data to the DAW. I have no midi knowledge in Logic, but I do want to be able to label each device/stream in Logic if possible. That is another issue separate from the one that I'm inquiring about here, however.

I've been looking around and I've identified the following solutions:

Midi Solutions Quadra - midi thru box.
iConnectivity mioXM - route to the DAW.

Is there any redundancy here and/or is there a simpler solution that I'm missing? I don't want to pre-mix from the modules into my mixer or keyboard amp - I want to the midi data to be presented to the DAW. I have just purchased a Roland UM-One which works fine for one pathway (per testing with GarageBand).

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated - thanks.
2 years ago
Hola creo que con los controladores del teclado el pc, conectado con usb lo debe de entender perfectamente
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