Tuesday, 22 June 2021
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hey there!

i have a Behringer X Touch and an Arturia Key Lab MkII + More stuff but that later (or do i have to integrate everyting by once?)

i want to controll all the mixing Stuff Faders, Pan ect with the X touch only and all parameters like Eq and Compression !on the selected Channal only! via the KeyLab.

x Touch: its hard to get simple informaitions to its controllsurface ... even for the controlls of the associated Mixer X Air ... i Couldnt find a Software to Modify it.
most of its knobs are sending Keyboard Notes to Ableton, like: 1/C#-2 ..the faders sending PitchBend Signals? like 1PB .. and the pottis sending CC from 16 to 23
the Jog wheel also sends CC 1/60 but is in ableton in a different use than i want it

Key Lab: it got 3Banks of a 9 Faders, 9Pottis and 9 Buttons (81 at all) in User Mode whats awsome, but i think ill have some CC overlappings with the other controllers.
i want to use all of these 81 parameters in the selected channal only.

Acutal Main problem:
i started to assign the key lab knobs n faders to Ableton via the Normal Midi Arrangement button in the right upper corner in the song view on multiple cannals. but now i controll them all simutaniously not only the selected Channal.

is there a possibility to see all the mappings exept the view that ableton gives u in the browser?

more questions will income hahaha ;)

with thankfull regards

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