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  Friday, 17 September 2021
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Hi everybody!

I'm trying to make a list of GS program names.
I used the table from https://cdn.roland.com/assets/media/pdf/SC-8850_OM.pdf as a base.
However, there were a lot of abbreviations I could not understand.

Could you please take a look at https://github.com/jazz-soft/JZZ-midi-GM/blob/master/data/gs-sc8850.txt
and suggest some fixes?

Thanks a lot!
1 year ago
Thanks again! The fixes will be in the next release.
Sorry, they are actually spelled "Uilleann Pipes".

"Nm" appears to be without cuts, and "Or" with more, but I don't know what the rules are for applying them, or what the original words are.

SL: Steam Locomotive; 1: whistle, 2: running gear
1 year ago
Wow! Thanks a lot! I've fixed these (at the same link above), but a few more still remain...
w: wide (pan depends on the note)
Pf: Pianoforte
EG: Electric Grand Piano
Dist: Distortion
Atk: Attack
Reso: Resonant
Ful: Full
Farf: Farfisa?
Fr: French
It: Italian
Harmnix: Harmonics
Drv: Drive
Sq: Square (square wave)
Oct: Octave
Dly: Delay
Syn: Synth
Spic: Spiccato
Perc: Percussion
Nz: Noise
Bs: Bass
Orche: Orchestra
Sect: Section
Vln: Violin
Pls: Pulse
UillnPipe: Uillean Pipe
Angkl: Angklung
BD: Bass Drum
Jngl: Jungle
Melo: Melodic
SD: Snare Drum
Brth: Breath
R: Railway

The colon at the end indicates legato-enabled sounds and is not part of the instrument name.
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