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  Wednesday, 19 January 2022
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I looked through the technical specifications for SoundFont2 files.

I'm guessing the bank layout in a SF2 file is not "fixed", as they can be used for essentially anything.

However, is there a semi-"standard" on what the last few banks are in a "GM style" soundfont?

I've added loading of custom instrument names in to my software, based on the format that CoolSoft VirtualMIDISynth displays for the contents of soundfonts.

Soundfont contains 363 presets:
(bank:preset = name)
0:0 = Concert Grand
0:1 = Bright Grand
0:2 = Electric Grand
0:3 = Honky Tonk
128:106 = XG Brush Kit
128:107 = XG Symphony Kit
128:127 = CM-64/32L (SC-55)

I am seeing that bank 126 and 127 AND 128 so far seem to be percussion kits (Timbres Of Heaven, ColomboGMGS2). I'm curious if that will generally be what one would see in this type of soundfont. My current name structure uses "128" to store variation names and percussion kit names, so I may need to ignore or work around things being stored in these.

And one further question: 128??? Is that just a thing that soundfonts do to store percussion?
1 year ago
After some further digging, it looks like 128 is used for GM/GS compatible percussion, and 126/127 seems to be a mix depending on if the sf2 is geared more towards GM/GS or XG.

That being said, I am not sure how to see a list of the percussion instruments, as currently I can only see the list of kit names, and not what each kit contains.
1 year ago
Hello all! any one know how to create sound font layout?
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