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  Thursday, 22 September 2022
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I would like to control my Yamaha's CS1x controls externally by one of my controllers. My controller gives CCs. So I can assign any available cc to any of the Yamaha's controls (witht the help of Bome's Translator is even easier).
There is a specific Yamaha's CS1x data list manual (separate from the owner's manual) , and in it there is the synthesizer section(page 18) with receive and transmit flows.
The Receive flow (I think) is what I'm looking for, but it's pretty confusing.

In order to control the filter Cut off frequency there is this NRPN message FILTER CUTOFF FREQ. BnH,63H,01H,62H,20H,06H,mmH
So if my incoming message from my controller is :
B0 09 xx (for controller cc 9)

would the outgoing for the Yamaha on channel 1 be:

B0 63 01 62 20 06 xx ??????

Has n on Bn (controller) got anything to do with channel? Have I missed something and I should follow the arrows? How does the message works?
If you can advice it would be of great help.

Thanks in advance.
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1 year ago
From page 18:

For example, 144 - 159(Decimal)/9nH/1001 0000 - 1001 1111(Binary) indicate the note-on messages for the channels 1 through 16
respectively. 176 - 191/BnH/1011 0000 - 1011 1111 indicate the control change messages for the channels 1 through 16 respectively. 192
- 207/CnH/1100 0000 - 1100 1111 indicate the program change messages for the channels 1 through 16 respectively. 240/F0H/1111
0000 is positioned at the beginning of data to indicate a system exclusive message. 247/F7H/1111 0111 is positioned at the end of the
system exclusive message

So yes, it looks like "n" refers to the channel. I have very limited knowledge of NRPNs, so that's where my help on this topic ends :p
1 year ago
Apparently that manual is way too detailed but also a bit messy, since there is no page dedicated to each table. But it works.
I think I was totally wrong in my initial post, but now I think I'm close enough to the correct answer.
If I'm not wrong the answer to my question is on both pages 21 and 25 combined.

The mesages I want to transmit from CS1x (the opposite of the title I used for the thread) are sysex messages and the format of the internal parameters changes is in section (3-6-3-4) CS1x NATIVE PARMETER CHANGE on page 21 and the data to fill the message are on MIDI DATA TABLE, in our example's (filter cutoff freq.) case, on section<2-4> MIDI Parameter Change table ( Current Performance Layer)

So according to these tables the sysex for FILTER CUTOFF FREQ should be:

F0 43 1x 4B 60 0L 11 xx F7

Where the first x can either be a number for the assigned device nr. or x for all nr. and the second xx is for the value data and can stay xx for all values.

If someone more experienced can verify my data it would be great.
5 months ago
To control the Yamaha CS1x externally using CC messages, refer to the Yamaha CS1x data list manual. Assign available CCs from your controller to the CS1x controls using Bome's Translator. The NRPN message "FILTER CUTOFF FREQ. BnH,63H,01H,62H,20H,06H,mmH" controls the filter cutoff frequency. For an incoming message "B0 09 xx" (CC 9), the outgoing message for CS1x on channel 1 would be "B0 63 01 62 20 06 xx." "n" in Bn (controller) represents the MIDI channel. Consult the manual's receive flow section and follow the arrows for better understanding. For more guidance, refer to Yamaha's customer support or documentation.
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