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  3. Friday, 13 March 2020
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In practical sense MIDI 2.0 (UMP) basically will require USB devices. A USB vendor ID is very expensive (US$6000 for 65536 product ID's) This amount of device ID's is not needed for small and niche developers/ SMBs/SMEs, Some have perhaps only 2 to 5 products over several years. Several MCU/MPU logic vendors provide something called sub-licensing. The proposal here is MMA (or MIDI.ORG) to apply for a vendor ID and sub-license the product ID's to members. For example the vendor name would be registered as "MIDI" by USB-IF and the product name will be the member's product name. To verify the member authenticity, the member should register membership by providing a valid registered domain name (thus the member needs to register a domain and setup a website) and then that site (and thus the member) is validated via MIDI.ORG account. (this is a common approach in verifying the validity of the account) The MIDI.ORG 1st annual fee would include 5 to 10 product ID's. As a result the number of members (up to 65536/ # of ID's per member) would significantly increase income /revenue and could be amortized to lower the MIDI.ORG $600/annual free for such developers/SME's/SMB's. This would be a WIN-WIN solution for everyone.
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