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  3. Monday, 22 March 2021
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Hello guys,

I'm a guitarist and nub to using midi. I wonder if there is any way of generating or converting a midi clock from midi notes or events? I use a standalone audio multitrack player that can play a midi track in sync with the audio tracks but unfortunately can't provide midi clock. That would be great if I could sync time-based effects with my backing tracks. I found Midi solutions' Event processor plus but due to the lack of my midi knowledge i can't determine if i could use it for that... thanks in advance for any advice!
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I do not have a MIDI Solutions Event Processor, but I have looked at their free MIDI Solutions Programming Tools to get an idea what is possible with their products. It appears that it would be possible to convert a note message into a clock message:


Then you'd just have to create a MIDI file that has 24 notes per quarter note and it would get converted to the expected 24 clocks per quarter note.

I wonder, are you using a Cymatic device? I wish Cymatic could update their existing devices or release a new model that can send out MIDI clock, it seems like their users often want to do that.

Perhaps you have seen the previous forum posts from Cymatic device users discussing the possibility of embedding MIDI clocks in a MIDI file:

If you embed MIDI clocks in a MIDI file, the Cymatic LP16 will send them out, maybe other Cymatic devices will too? To embed MIDI clocks into a MIDI file, you might need to use a specific sequencer (like Sekaiju). You have to embed a MIDI clock inside of an esoteric F7 MIDI file event (called a "sysex continuation" or "escaped" or "sysex (arbitrary)" event).

I can see how converting a note into a clock might be easier to do albeit with the additional cost of purchasing an external converter like the MIDI Solutions Event Processor.

But if you want, you might consider the cheaper but more technically involved route of embedding clock messages into a MIDI file.

(Since this is the third time this has come up, I am going to look into writing some program or script that can generate a MIDI file with embedded clocks.)
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