Designing AI VSTs for Generative Audio Workstations


DAW plugins have been approaching a saturation point over the past decade. Reskinned VSTs seem to outnumber innovative music software by a margin of ten to one. How many new delay and reverb effect plugins do we need? Generative AI and machine learning models are bringing a wave of no...

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Microsoft Adds MIDI 2.0, Researches AI Text-to-MIDI in 2023


The MIDI Association has enjoyed an ongoing partnership with Microsoft, collaborating to ensure that MIDI software and hardware play nicely with the Windows operating system. All of the major operating systems companies are represented equally in the MIDI Association, and participate in standards development, best practices, and more to help ensure...

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Turning MIDI Melodies Into Full Songs with Meta's MusicGen


The popularity of generative AI software has reached an all time high this year, with music lagging behind other mediums like image and text. Nevertheless, two applications dropped in May and June 2023 that marked a major improvement in the technology. It probably comes as no surprise that the companies behind these apps are Google and Facebook-Met...

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The Evolution of MIDI Software and Hardware in 2023


The MIDI association hosted a live roundtable discussion last week, featuring 2022 MIDI Award winners Krishna Chetan (Pitch Innovations), Henrik Langer (Instrument of Things), Markus Ruh (MusiKraken), and John Dingley (Digigurdy). Amongst the winning products you'll find the Somi-1 MIDI controller, a motion-sensor wearable that converts users' body...

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AudioCipher V3: The Word-to-MIDI Melody and Chord Progression Generator

AudioCipher V3 interface

MIDI Association partner AudioCipher Technologies has just published Version 3.0 of their melody and chord progression generator plugin. Type in a word or phrase and AudioCipher will automatically generate MIDI files for any virtual instrument in your DAW. AudioCipher helps you overcome creative block with the first ever text-to-MIDI VST for music ...

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An Interview with GLASYS: Tugging on my Heartchips

GLASYS Gil Assayas

GLASYS (Gil Assayas) was a winner of the MIDI Association's 2022 Innovation Awards for artistic installations. He's a keyboard player, composer, sound designer, and video content creator who currently performs live with Todd Rundgren's solo band. The internet largely knows GLASYS for his viral MIDI art and chiptune music. We spoke with Gil to ...

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3 Best AI Music Generators for MIDI Creation


A new generation of AI MIDI software has emerged over the past 5 years. Google, OpenAI, and Spotify have each published a free MIDI application powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. The MIDI Association reported on innovations in this space previously. Google's AI Duet, their Music Transformer, and Massive Technolo...

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What is MIDI Art and MIDI Drawing?

MIDI Art MIDI Drawing of a Storm Trooper

MIDI art is a fun, emerging technique that's taking the internet by storm. This unusual approach to songwriting centers around creating 2-D art from colored MIDI notes in the piano roll of a Digital Audio Workstation, displayed to the listener for their amusement. Not all MIDI art sounds good, but it usually expresses a visual concept. Th...

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