In his first life, which started at the early dawn of the web, Jean-Philippe Côté was an award-winning web developer and Internet nerd. In his second life as an educator, he makes a habit of pushing the boundaries of what technology can do and invites his students to do the same. In that spirit, his latest adventure is the creation of TangibleJS.com. Through this website, he explores the ways in which web technologies can break out of their supermax browser prison and shape the tangible, physical world. The time has come for interfaces to go beyond flat, rectangular, glassy surfaces.

Jean-Philippe holds a master's degree in Communication with a specialization in experimental media. He currently is a professor with the Multimedia Department of Edouard-Montpetit College. He gives back to the community through various open source projects and is currently working on a book targeted at web developers eager to discover physical computing.

A Web Developer's Tale of the Octapad Revival

Two months ago, I was tasked with presenting a talk on the Web MIDI API to an amazing crowd of music-loving web developers. Obviously, I wanted the presentation to be exciting, so my first idea was to find a cool MIDI controller that I could use to demo the API with. What kind of controller could fit the bill? What about an old... keytar?...

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