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Camelot Pro Is More Than a VST Host, It’s a Musician’s Swiss Army Knife


What if you could control all your MIDI controllers, keyboards, and pedals all in one centralized application? What if this app didn't only allow you to control all your devices on stage but also provided you with a music score reader, a MIDI patchbay router, and a setlist manager?

Camelot Pro is an application to make the lives of every stage musician easier and more convenient so that their time is better spent focusing on the music, rather than focusing on technical details. 

Not only does Camelot Pro control your soft synths, but it integrates your hardware synths and softsynths together and even let's you turn your hardware into an MPE compatible tone generator.

MIDI Capabilities 

It is also has complete MIDI routing, filtering and processing capabilities.  

Check out this video on Camelot 2.0 

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