New Products release from MIDI Association Members

MIDI Capability Inquiry Presentation at ADC


New MIDI Possibilities Outlined at ADC 2017 At the Audio Developers Conference in London, Ben Supper from Roli outlined a new MIDI proposal called MIDI Capability Inquiry ( MIDI-CI) which outlines a path to future expansions of MIDI.   Almost exactly a year ago AMEI (the Association of Music Electronic Industries and the Japanese MIDI sta...

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MIDI Rocks the Park at the CES 2018 Intel® Pre-Show


MIDI (the Musical Instrument Digital Interface) was an integral part of the Intel CES 2018 Keynote "Rock The Park" pre-show entertainment. The pre-show started with the world's first Data only band, Algorithm and Blues. Want to guess what kind of data it was?  MIDI, of course !  Using Intel's Intel® RealSense™ Technology, a band perf...

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Art+Logic Announces Launch of New Software Incubator Lab.


 Art+Logic Announces Launch of New Software Incubator Lab. Software innovation company will design and develop a working prototype of selected music technology or pro-audio app. Pasadena, CA: January 24, 2018, Art+Logic, a premier software innovation firm in the United States, announces the launch of a new software incubator called Art+Logic L...

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Although arguably the smaller NAMM event of the two for MIDI related products, there's certainly no shortage of things to discover at Summer NAMM and this year was no exception. With stimulating keynotes on the future of music technology, courtesy of the MIDI Association Advisory Board's very own Craig Anderton, the latest in next year's product li...

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The MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) and the Association of Music Electronics Industry (AMEI) announce MIDI 2.0™ Prototyping


For more details on MIDI 2.0, see this article on the site.  Details about MIDI 2.0™, MIDI-CI, Profiles and Property Exchange -   Core MIDI 2.0 specifications now available. Click here to download You must be logged in as a TMA member to download the spec. Clicking on the link will take you to the signup page to either create an acco...

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2018 Winter NAMM Show MIDI Highlights


It's a pure delight to attend the Winter NAMM Show. You get to bask in the warm Southern California sun, in the middle of winter, next to Disneyland, while your family enjoys a mini-vacation. The annual Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim California puts you at the global crossroads of the music products industry. This year's event, which to...

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Specification for TRS Adapters Adopted and Released


The MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) has released a Specification for use of TRS Connectors with MIDI Devices. It is available for free download by MIDI Association members. The document defines how to wire "TRS" (tip-ring-sleeve) connectors for use with MIDI devices, and describes the necessary device circuitry and cable specifications to supp...

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Cubasis 2.6 adds new MIDI features/Roli Blocks integration


Cubasis 2.6 Overview Synonymous with ease of use, Cubasis 2 is a powerful and fully featured iOS-based music production system that pushes the creative envelope. Whether you're capturing simple ideas or musical masterpieces, Cubasis comes with outstanding, touch-optimized tools for recording, editing, mixing and sharing your music with the world ri...

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The Taxonomy of Arpeggiator/LFO Sync

The Taxonomy of Arpeggiator/LFO Sync

An explanation of issues to consider for syncing hardware devices (LauterZEIT website). lauterZEIT - Taxonomy of Arpeggiator and LFO Sync http://lauterzeit.com/arp_lfo_seq_sync/

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New MMA Members and New MMA Specs


Planned Major Update to MIDI Technology Attracts New Members to the MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) Los Angeles, CA, November 6, 2018 – The MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) announced that Ableton, Aodyo, Audio Modeling, Art+Logic, Jammy Guitar, Melodics, MIND Music Labs, Native Instruments, OnSong, and TouchKeys have joined the MMA to coll...

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