The Enhancia Ring MIDI Controller at CES 2018

The Enhancia Ring MIDI Controller at CES 2018

For the past several years a MIDI product has always been in the Best of CES product list including the Roli Seaboard and the Zivix JamStick.  It seems that MIDI and innovation naturally go together.  2018 was no exception with a number of unique new controllers introduced at the CES show.  The Enhancia Ring MIDI Controller 1 The Enh...

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Herrmutt Lobby


​We got several entrees for suggested content from the December 2017 MIDI Association newsletter.  One was for an article on CTRLCap from Edwin Joassart. We did a little more research and decided to do an article not just on CNTRLCap, but on the developers behind it -Herrmutt Lobby.  Herrmutt Lobby has created not just...

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Wiggle Kit: A Motion Controlled Effect Instrument for Singers

Tech company OWOW just launched a new wireless motion controlled instrument for singers. Named the Wiggle Kit, it consists of a mobile App and a small white remote controller which turns gestures into vocal effects. By twisting and moving the Wiggle in different directions, singers can add digital effect...

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Mind To MIDI


What if you could control MIDI with your brain? Does that sound like science fiction? Actually there are lots of people who have been exploring how to connect brain waves Electroencephalography (EEG) to MIDI.  Let's take a look at how that works.  Electroencephalography (EEG) is a method to record electrical activity of the...

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MIDI and the Surface Pen

Pens and stylus' have been employed as computer interaction devices for quite some time now. Most commonly they were used along with peripheral graphics tablets to give a more natural flow to the artist or designer than a mouse could muster. With the release of the Surface Pro hybrid laptop by Microsoft in 2012 they brought a digital pen along to p...

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